Ridge Augmentation Supplement Your Jawbone after Tooth Loss or in Preparation for Implants

Dr. Bruce Gopin can boost your chances of dental implant success with ridge augmentation at his El Paso, TX, practice. 
This procedure will replace tissue lost from your alveolar ridge, the bony crest located just below your gums. By grafting on new tissue, Dr. Gopin can create a strong and sturdy base for implants. At our practice, we draw on the latest technology to plan accurate and personalized surgeries. Dr. Gopin also utilizes innovative surgical techniques to speed and enhance healing, such as a special dental membrane. With our high level of care, you can receive implants more quickly and enjoy a successful implant surgery with very few risks.

An x-ray image of a patient's mouth, jaws, and teeth

When Is Ridge Augmentation Recommend ?

There are a number of situations in which Dr. Gopin may recommend ridge augmentation. Frequently, he will perform this procedure after tooth loss and before implant placement. Missing teeth can compromise your entire oral structure. Because your jaw will not receive regenerative signals from your tooth roots, it will start to recede quickly. As a result, you may not be eligible to receive dental implants. Ridge augmentation can address jaw recession in the early stages, maintaining your eligibility for implants. It is important to note that ridge augmentation is different from a bone graft or sinus lift. The latter procedures will address the larger structure of your jaw, while ridge augmentation will simply build up the bone closest to your teeth. While ridge augmentation is primarily considered to be a restorative dental procedure, it also has cosmetic benefits as it can enhance your appearance by restoring the youthful fullness of your smile. 

Ridge augmentation can address jaw recession in the early stages, maintaining your eligibility for implants.

In many cases, Dr. Gopin will also perform ridge augmentation after dental extraction. Jaw recession will occur quickly once you lose a tooth. Therefore, ridge augmentation can help to preserve the natural shape of your jaw, reducing your risk for a significantly changed appearance and further tooth loss.

Finally, you may benefit from ridge augmentation before you receive a traditional removable denture. If you have a recessed alveolar ridge, your denture may slip. Ridge augmentation can provide additional support for your prosthetic so that you can confidently enjoy complete oral function.

The Ridge Augmentation Procedure

Before recommending ridge augmentation, Dr. Gopin will use advanced technology such as digital x-rays and 3-D scanners to examine your jaw. The sharp, accurate images will identify areas of bone recession. Dr. Gopin can also use these pictures to plan your surgery and determine exactly where the new bone tissue needs to go.

Prior to implant surgery, Dr. Gopin will need to perform an initial procedure in order to harvest tissue from another area⏤such as your chin⏤to enhance your alveolar ridge. This procedure, as well as any additional surgeries, will include local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. After harvesting the tissue, Dr. Gopin will place the sample in one or more tooth sockets, accessing the areas through small incisions in your gums. Finally, he will close the incisions with dissolvable stitches.

Recovery from Ridge Augmentation

To speed your recovery from ridge augmentation, Dr. Gopin will often place a barrier membrane over the grafting site. This tissue will help maintain space in the area so that new tissue can take its place. The membrane will also encourage faster healing by promoting new tissue growth. After ridge augmentation, your jaw will require a healing period of approximately six months. During the first few days of your recovery, you will need to rest and eat a soft diet. You may also want to use ice packs and take a mild over-the-counter medication as prescribed by Dr. Gopin to reduce discomfort. Inflammation should fade quickly, and you will be able to eat a more varied diet during the remainder of the healing process. After your full recovery, Dr. Gopin can perform your implant surgery, if applicable.

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If you believe that you may benefit from ridge augmentation, contact our office to book a consultation with Dr. Gopin. He can help determine whether a ridge augmentation or another procedure will benefit you most. 

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