A Sinus Lift May Enable You to Receive Dental Implants after Bone Recession

Dr. Bruce Gopin offers several procedures that can ensure your candidacy for dental implants after jawbone recession. Before placing implants in the upper jaw, he may recommend a sinus lift at his El Paso, TX, practice. During this procedure, he will graft new tissue and raise your sinus membrane to create room for the implants. Dr. Gopin is highly experienced in this procedure and uses the latest technology to ensure a safe and accurate surgery with a quick recovery time. By restoring your jaw with a sinus lift, you could enjoy improved dental function, enhanced oral health, and a beautiful smile for life. 

When is a Sinus Lift Recommended?

Following tooth loss, bone recession is a common problem. When your dental roots are gone, they can no longer send a regenerative signal that triggers bone growth. As a result, your jaw can start to shrink very quickly, even when you lose a single tooth. Advanced gum disease can also cause bone recession.

A sinus lift will increase bone tissue and reposition your sinus membrane, making it possible to safely undergo implant surgery.

Bone loss can severely restrict your candidacy for implants. When you do not have enough tissue, the implants will not have sufficient support. As a result, you would be at a high risk for complications and implant failure. Bone recession can be particularly problematic along the upper jaw. If you have lost volume in this area, implants could affect your sinus passages, causing inflammation or infection. A sinus lift will increase bone tissue and reposition your sinus membrane, making it possible to safely undergo implant surgery.

A sinus lift is different from a bone graft for dental implants. A bone graft does not involve lifting the sinus membranes. Dr. Gopin may recommend a bone graft before placing implants on your lower jaw. 

What to Expect during a Sinus Lift

Before implant surgery, Dr. Gopin will take x-rays and 3-D scans of your mouth. By doing so, he can check for bone recession and determine your need for a sinus lift. Our 3-D scans are extremely precise. They allow Dr. Gopin to measure the exact depth of your jawbone. He can also evaluate precisely where the new bone tissue needs to go.

An illustrated example of an upper jawbone before and after a sinus lift

A sinus lift prevents implants from disturbing the sinus membrane.

Bone grafting involves two separate procedures. Prior to both surgeries, you will receive local anesthesia to maintain your comfort. During the first procedure, he will remove a small sample of bone from another area, such as your chin. During the second surgery, he will use one of several techniques to raise your sinus membrane. Commonly, he will create an incision in your gums. Then he will remove a small, circular piece of bone. Raising this piece up into your sinus cavity, he will gently lift the membrane. The sample of your bone will fill in the area below, eventually fusing with the jaw. 

Recovery and Results

Dr. Gopin proudly uses state-of-the-art techniques to stimulate faster healing and reduce discomfort. Typically, he will place a barrier membrane over the bone graft. This membrane will encourage your body to produce new tissue and expedite recovery. Regardless, you should expect to take several days off from work after your procedure. During this time, you will need to eat soft, mild foods, and you should not engage in strenuous exercise. Mild medications, ice packs, and sleeping with your head elevated can help keep inflammation under control. Though discomfort will fade after a few days, you will typically need to wait four to six months for complete healing. After this recovery period, Dr. Gopin can position your dental implants.

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Dr. Gopin can accommodate a wide range of needs among patients who want to restore their smiles with dental implants. During a consultation, he can determine if you require any preparatory procedures such as a bone graft or sinus lift. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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