Each Patient’s Dental Implant Timeline Will Vary

Dental implant treatment takes place in stages, and the total length of treatment will vary from patient to patient. Treatment time can take a year or longer, especially if any preparatory procedures are required. Some patients may require preparatory procedures such as a bone graft, which can require about six months of healing time. Most patients feel that the many benefits of dental implants make the treatment well worth the time investment. Dr. Bruce Gopin will detail your specific dental implant timeline during your consultation at our office in El Paso, TX

Consultation and Assessment

Prior to treatment, you will meet with Dr. Gopin for an initial consultation and assessment. He will examine your teeth, gums, and bone density to determine whether you will require preparatory procedures to qualify for dental implants.

Dr. Gopin will detail each treatment or procedure that you may require, and will discuss the treatment time and healing periods as they relate to your overall treatment timeline. Based on this information, he can estimate the amount of time the entire treatment will take to complete. This may vary depending on how quickly you heal following each procedure.

Preparatory Procedures and Recovery

Preparatory treatment and procedures may include the treatment and management of periodontal disease and cavities or other damage. A bone graft is a procedure commonly performed prior to dental implants to restore volume to the jawbone and provide sufficient tissue to support implants.

Recovery times for each of these procedures varies greatly:

  • The recovery period for dental fillings and other restorative treatments may require no downtime at all, or just a few days.
  • Periodontal disease must be completely eliminated and properly managed before dental implants can be placed, which can take several months.
  • A bone graft may take up to six months or more to heal, depending upon the type of graft and your body’s own healing process. 

Image of dental implant timeline

Dr. Gopin will work with you to develop a detailed treatment plan and recovery timeline.

Implant Surgery and Recovery

Dental implant surgery may be performed once all other treatments and procedures have been completed and you have fully healed. The implant procedure may take one to two hours, depending upon the number of implants being placed. Following your surgery, it can take three to six months for your implants to fuse to your jawbone through a process called osseointegration. The total length of your recovery period may be dependent in part on the number of implants placed. Once osseointegration is complete, traditional implants require a second surgery in which an abutment piece is attached to the implant. The gums are then sutured in a way that leaves the abutment accessible above the gumline. Healing following this second surgery usually only takes about two weeks.

Most patients feel that the many benefits of dental implants make the treatment well worth the time investment.

Placement of Final Restoration

Once your gums have healed and your implants are fully integrated with your jawbone, we will take digital scans of your teeth, gums, and jaw at our office, and send these scans to a trusted lab to create your final prosthetic. The fabrication of your permanent restoration can take up to two weeks or more, and may depend upon the type of restoration you receive. For instance, a crown typically will not take as long to create as full dentures.

You will return to our office once we receive your final prosthetic, and Dr. Gopin will attach it to your implants. He will ensure a proper fit and check for alignment as well as comfort.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are considering dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore your oral health, contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gopin. Most dental implant recipients feel that the benefits of the procedure, as well as the beautiful outcome, make the time commitment involved well worth the time investment.

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