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Periodontal Maintenance

Diagram of teeth and gum cleaningHaving excellent oral hygiene not only improves the way you look, and has a great impression on the people you meet throughout your day, but it can even help prevent certain bacteria from getting to your teeth and gums and causing diseases. However, a simple daily routine of brushing and flossing your teeth twice or three times a day is not enough to keep your teeth healthy. Your teeth require thorough and timely check-ups, and without them, bacterial colonies hiding in unreachable cracks or crevices of your teeth can steadily infect them and cause periodontal disease. However, regular periodontal maintenance with us at Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS can help prevent that from happening.

Why Is Periodontal Maintenance So Important?

Periodontal maintenance is an intensive cleaning procedure for your teeth. It is essential that you get this dental treatment performed on your teeth periodically to help ensure that your oral health and hygiene remain unimpaired. What makes periodontal maintenance so important is that it prevents or tracks down and eliminates periodontal infections and gingivitis from spreading further. These gum diseases often happen due to the bacteria which is present in plaque, which seeps into deep crevices of your teeth which the toothbrush and floss cannot reach. The plaque forms bacterial colonies which give rise to these diseases. These diseases weaken your gum tissues and can cause inflammation in them, which results in your teeth becoming weak and loose. It may cause your teeth to fall out prematurely as well. If bacteria gets into your bloodstream, it can infect other parts of your body too.

Additionally, periodontal maintenance will also help whiten your teeth, remove all sorts of tartar and plaque build-up in your mouth cavity, and can also help give you fresher breath. All over, it is simply an excellent all-in-one procedure to keep your dental health at its finest, and our team can do it very easily for you.

How Is Periodontal Maintenance Performed?

A typical periodontal maintenance involves a complete evaluation of your oral health and medications, followed by an extensive clean-up which is known as scaling and root planing. Our dentists will ensure that all build-up is removed from your teeth, including the most minute spots, both above and below the gum tissues and the crevices in between the teeth. We will also provide you with some instructions which you should follow post-treatment, including details on how you can improve your oral hygiene routine at home.

When Is Periodontal Maintenance Required?

For achieving optimal oral health and hygiene, it is highly recommended that you visit us twice per year for a check-up and a cleaning. However, periodontal maintenance becomes even more important if you are suffering from an underlying periodontal disease. If you have been seeing symptoms - such as painful and inflamed gums, your teeth yellowing, feeling looser, or your breath smelling bad - you should get periodontal maintenance from us immediately.

Whether or not you have been observing these symptoms, regular periodontal maintenance is vital for ideal oral health. If you would like to ensure that your mouth cavity remains free from all kinds of diseases and you have a perfect pearly smile and fresh breath, can help you. Please give us a call at today.

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