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Your El Paso Periodontist
El Paso, TX

Woman having dental exam from Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS, Periodontist in El Paso, TXDespite being a thriving and diverse city, El Paso does not have many seasoned gum specialists or periodontists that can focus on your oral and general wellbeing. This is where Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS enters the picture. We have an expert periodontist, Dr. Bruce Gopin who can help all El Paso residents improve their oral health and cure their gum diseases. Our periodontist offers a vast array of services, including periodontal care, gum augmentation, dental implants, extractions, and more.

What Is Periodontics and Who Are Periodontists?

Periodontics is the field of dentistry that focuses exclusively on the inflammatory disease that targets gums and other supporting structures around the teeth. A periodontist specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating periodontal disease and is an expert in dental implant placements.

They receive extensive training in this field, including three additional years of education after dental school. A periodontist has the expertise and techniques to diagnose and treat gum disease and perform cosmetic periodontal procedures. The periodontists at Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS are also trained to perform dental implants, treat periodontitis, and perform gum grafting.

Here’s an overview of our periodontal services:

Dental Implants

Our periodontists have received specialized training to provide dental implants and make the procedure as painless and seamless as possible. We understand that your gums and bones play a crucial role in ensuring the success of your implants. It is why we remove the infection from the implant site and treat the periodontal disease before the procedure. We also monitor the area after the implant procedure and watch for signs of infection that can hinder successful implant integration. We also look out for other issues that might arise with the implants to ensure your procedure and recovery are smooth.

Periodontal Care

At Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS, we offer effective periodontal care. Periodontitis is a severe gum infection caused by bacteria buildup on the teeth and gums. As this disease progresses, your teeth, gums, and bones can be damaged. With that said, early treatment can reduce and stem the damage.

We will detect signs of periodontitis through a dental exam and use a probe to measure your gum pockets. Our periodontists will clean your teeth and gums to remove plaque and tartar. We will also take dental x-rays and polish and treat your teeth with fluoride while deep cleaning your periodontal pockets. Our periodontists will perform scaling and root planing to eliminate the bacteria. If the problem persists, we will perform flap surgery to clean the buildup under your gums.

Gum Augmentation

The periodontists at Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS also perform gum augmentation or gum graft surgery, a dental procedure for treating gum recession or thinning gums. It exposes teeth roots and adds volume to the gum line to improve oral health and reduce the risk of periodontitis. Recovery from this process takes one to two weeks.

Without gum grafting, your exposed teeth roots will lead to sensitivity, tooth decay, and bone loss around the teeth. Gum grafting can replace your lost tissue. Our periodontists will study your gums and teeth to determine if you need this dental surgery or not.

If you require the services of a seasoned El Paso periodontist, call 915-213-3455 to schedule an appointment with us.
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Your El Paso, TX Periodontist | Bruce Gopin, DDS, MS
El Paso Periodontist, Dr. Bruce Gopin, offers an array of services, including periodontal care, gum augmentation, dental implants, extractions, and more!
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