Gum Surgery Restores Your Smile's Healthy Foundation

Pocket Reduction

When deep cleanings fail to address periodontal disease, Dr. Bruce Gopin may recommend gum surgery. Pocket reduction is a surgery that targets plaque and bacteria deep below the gumline. During this procedure, Dr. Gopin creates small incisions in the gum line and folds back the tissue to gain access to deep periodontal pockets. In advanced gum disease, these pockets swell with damaging bacteria that, if left untreated, will cause tissue death and tooth loss. Once Dr. Gopin has cleaned these pockets, the gums are repositioned to facilitate healing.

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Soft Tissue Grafting

Periodontal disease, aggressive brushing, and teeth clenching and grinding can cause the gums to recede. Recessed gums are less able to support tooth structure, and can affect the appearance of your smile. Soft tissue grafts can cover exposed tooth roots and improve related symptoms such as sensitivity to hot and cold. Soft tissue grafts can also improve the appearance of an uneven gum line. During the graft procedure, Dr. Gopin redistributes tissue from your palate or another donor source to the treatment area where it fuses with existing gum tissue.

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Bone Grafting

In cases of advanced periodontal disease, the jaw bone surrounding patients' teeth can deteriorate. To correct this condition and strengthen the jaw, Dr. Gopin provides bone grafting. During this surgery, he grafts a patient's own healthy bone tissue to the affected area of the jaw to strengthen it. Dr. Gopin may incorporate guided tissue regeneration as well, which involves the placement of a specialized membrane over the bone to encourage tissue growth and fast healing.

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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening involves the removal of excess soft tissue surrounding a tooth. In this treatment, also known as gum reshaping, Dr. Gopin carefully reshapes tissue to expose more natural tooth. This action creates a more beautiful, symmetrical gum line, and provides a larger area of natural tooth to accommodate a dental crown.

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