Achieve Aesthetic Balance in Your Smile with Crown Lengthening

Close-up of a woman with a full smileIf you are dissatisfied with your smile because too much gum tissue is showing, it can impact your confidence. Skilled and highly trained periodontist Bruce Gopin can help bring balance and symmetry to your gum line with crown lengthening treatments at our El Paso, TX, office. During this minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Gopin gently removes a small amount of gum tissue to expose more of each tooth surface, resulting in a more attractive look. To learn how your smile can benefit from crown lengthening, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gopin today.

Crown Lengthening Candidates

Sometimes referred to as gum contouring or a gum lift, crown lengthening is often performed to help improve a “gummy” smile. When too much gum is exposed under the top lip — or when excess tissue covers the teeth — it can detract from your appearance. In these situations, teeth can appear worn or underdeveloped. Crown lengthening is a safe and simple method of bringing uniformity to an uneven gum line. This procedure can be an effective option for patients who:

  • Have excessive gum tissue
  • Have one or more teeth that appear misshapen because of an uneven gum line
  • Need more surface area on their teeth for the placement of dental crowns or veneers

During an in-depth consultation, Dr. Gopin can determine whether crown lengthening is right for you. 

The Crown Lengthening Procedure

Crown lengthening is a minimally invasive type of gum surgery that can be performed during a single visit.  When you choose to have crown lengthening performed by Dr. Gopin, he will first work with you to understand your unique goals and identify specific treatment areas. He may draw a line on your gums to help you visualize the anticipated results.

When the procedure begins, Dr. Gopin will use a local anesthetic to numb the surgical area and ensure you experience little to no discomfort. He will remove small amounts of tissue in a very precise and gentle manner to achieve a scalloped look in your gums above the teeth. As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Gopin will work conservatively to remove only the amount of tissue necessary to meet your goals and needs. The end result is a smile with a more pleasing tooth-to-gum ratio. During the healing period, you will be advised to eat soft foods and exercise extra care when brushing and flossing. If you experience any discomfort, an over-the-counter pain reliever is usually sufficient.

Benefits of Crown Lengthening

When performed for health reasons, crown lengthening can reduce the risk of periodontal disease, and make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. For those seeking aesthetic enhancements, sculpting the gum line can produce an attractive and natural-looking smile. Many patients who undergo crown lengthening find that the improved appearance of their smile increases their self-confidence.

Learn More

Dr. Gopin has the combination of experience and skill needed to help create a beautiful new frame for your smile. To find out if crown lengthening can help you achieve your goals, please contact our office today.

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