Gentle, Nonsurgical Periodontal Care

Periodontal care is an integral piece of overall health. If you have red, puffy gums or notice bleeding when you floss, you may be experiencing symptoms of early-stage gum disease. Dr. Bruce Gopin provides a full spectrum of  nonsurgical periodontal care options at his El Paso office. These treatments combat gum disease and prevent it from progressing to more serious stages that require surgical treatment. To learn more about how our services can enhance your smile and improve your quality of life, contact us today.

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What is Gingivitis?


Plaque is a naturally occurring oral bacteria that materializes on our teeth and gums. Poor oral hygiene can lead to the excessive accumulation of plaque, which causes gum disease and tooth decay. The first stage of periodontal disease, known as gingivitis, is marked by inflammation and redness across the gum line. During gingivitis, the gums and teeth gradually begin to separate as plaque builds between them. This separation gives way for periodontal pockets to form, which serve as breeding ground for bacterial infection.

In detecting gum disease, patients will notice red, swollen, painful, or bleeding gums. They may also notice a bad taste in their mouths or suffer from chronic bad breath. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important you visit Dr. Gopin immediately to prevent the progression of this disease. Gingivitis is easily reversible if diagnosed early, and can usually can be effectively treated with a professional deep cleaning.

What is a Deep Cleaning?

Dr. Gopin practices a conservative approach to periodontal care. He will only recommend more aggressive treatments, like gum surgery, once other less-invasive treatments have been exhausted. Root planing and scaling, also known as deep cleaning, are nonsurgical treatments that can stop the advancement of gum disease. During deep cleaning, Dr. Gopin uses handheld and ultrasonic instruments to scrape away plaque and tartar from deep within periodontal pockets. Once the pockets have been thoroughly cleaned, he gently smooths the surface of each root, which discourages the accumulation of plaque in the future. In some cases, anti-microbial agents may also be applied to aid in healing and prevent the recurrence of infection. 

Many patients who undergo deep cleaning will not require further treatment, although certain individuals are prone to recurrent infection. For these patients, Dr. Gopin analyzes X-rays and closely monitors the size of any pockets that develop in the gums to ensure gum disease has not returned. Regular professional cleanings and at-home preventive care can help stave off disease in the future.

A Focus on Preventive Care

Once your gums have healed following your deep cleaning, our team can help instruct you and your family in at-home hygienic practices. Left untreated, gum inflammation and infection can have a significant impact on your overall health, so prevention is very important. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other serious conditions. For this reason, establishing a relationship with a trusted, experienced periodontist is one of the best healthy lifestyle habits you can adopt. 

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To learn more about treatments for unhealthy gums, contact us today. During your consultation, Dr. Gopin can explore the state of your gums and educate you on possible treatments.

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