Gum Recession 

Gum recession is a symptom of advanced periodontal disease. It can also result from aggressive toothbrushing. Recessed gums can leave your tooth roots exposed, resulting in significant sensitivity and a higher risk for decay and tooth loss. Dr. Bruce Gopin is a periodontist in El Paso, TX, who can treat gum recession with a tissue graft. He can also teach you techniques for preventing the condition.

aggressive toothbrushing

Aggressive brushing can cause more harm than good over time.

Treatments for a Recessed Gum Line

A surgical gum graft is one of the most effective treatments for tissue recession. During this procedure, Dr. Gopin will use soft tissue harvested from another area of your mouth to restore your gum line. In select cases, he may employ donor tissue. Using small dissolvable stitches, he will attach the tissue to the recessed area. Once you have healed, it will blend seamlessly with your gum line.

If you are experiencing gum recession or any other symptoms of periodontal disease, trust your care to a doctor with specialty training in periodontics.

If you have damaged teeth due to gum disease or any other cause, Dr. Gopin will typically refer you to a trusted restorative dentist. He or she can provide appropriate care, such as a custom crown. If you have already lost teeth because of gum recession, Dr. Gopin can provide dental implants. These synthetic tooth roots can support a custom restoration such as a crown, bridge, or full denture

How to Avoid Gum Recession due to Aggressive Toothbrushing

Daily brushing is essential to preventing gum disease, along with flossing at least once a day and undergoing a checkup and cleaning every six months. However, it is possible to brush too harshly and too often. In order to make certain that your brushing routine is providing maximum benefits without negatively affecting your oral health, Dr. Gopin may recommend that you:

  • Switch to a new toothbrush: It may seem counterintuitive, but a hard-bristled brush will not remove bacteria any more effectively than a soft- or medium-bristled brush. 
  • Cut down on brushing: It is important to brush twice daily. However, excessive brushing can do more harm than good. Instead, rinse your mouth with water after eating or chew sugarless gum to remove bacteria and bits of food.
  • Brush more gently: If you have noticed that your gums bleed or are inflamed after brushing, it may be a sign that you brush too hard. It can also be a sign of gum disease, so it is important to schedule a dental checkup.
  • Change your technique: The proper way to brush your teeth is to use small, circular strokes, rather than broad, sweeping motions. You should also hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle. This will place less pressure on the delicate tissues while ensuring a thorough cleaning. 

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If you are experiencing gum recession or any other symptoms of periodontal disease, trust your care to a doctor with specialty training in periodontics. Please contact our office online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gopin. You can also call (915) 533-4608. 

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