Wisdom Tooth Removal: A Simple Procedure to Protect Your Smile

An impacted tooth that needs to be removed.

For some dental patients, wisdom teeth pose no problem at all. But for others, especially those without sufficient space in their jaws, the third molars can cause problems such as pain and misalignment. 

Dr. Bruce Gopin in El Paso, TX, offers wisdom tooth removal as a preventative measure whenever possible. If you are already experiencing complications, treatment can restore your health and comfort.

Learn why wisdom tooth removal is so highly recommended...

A Routine Procedure with Priceless Benefits

Prioritize Your Health

Your dental and general health are closely linked. A problematic wisdom tooth can become decayed or lead to inflamed gum tissue–issues that can worsen, spread, and increase your risk for more serious conditions.

Avoid More Costly Care

If Dr. Gopin determines you need one or more third molars extracted, delaying treatment will inevitably lead to higher costs. Impacted teeth can become infected, undo the results of orthodontics, and have other serious effects.

Relax throughout Treatment

You might be concerned about pain but sedation is available to ensure patients' complete comfort. Plus, if you are already experiencing discomfort, removing wisdom teeth can relieve associated symptoms.

Show me how wisdom tooth removal can improve my smile...

Specialized Care by Dr. Gopin

Dr. Bruce GopinDr. Bruce Gopin is a periodontal surgeon with extensive training and a dedication to exceptional patient care, focusing on:

  • Gentle treatment 
  • Maintaining your overall health 
  • A welcoming, comfortable environment
  • A commitment to continued education

We welcome all new patients from El Paso and the surrounding areas at our practice. As a widely respected periodontist, Dr. Gopin frequently receives referrals from other practitioners for dental implants, periodontal treatments, and other types of oral surgeries. 

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